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Virginia Family Violence and

Sexual Assault live chat.

We realize that it may not always be safe for you to reach us by phone, or you may simply prefer instant messaging or texting instead.  We are here for you either way.
It's important to stay safe while using any device with internet access.  Below you will find links and information on how to erase your browser history and/or cache.  It may be a good idea for you to use private browsing mode on your browser, if it supports it.
Listed below are the most common internet browsers.  Click the one you are currently using to open a new link on how to erase your internet history or cache, or how to use the built-in anti-tracking mode.
       Internet Explorer --->  erase history  |  clear cache  |  inprivate browsing mode
       Google Chrome --->  erase history  |  clear cache  |  incognito mode
       Mozilla Firefox  --->  erase history  |  clear cache  |  private browsing mode
       Safari  --->  erase history  |  clear cache  |  private browsing mode
       Opera  --->  erase history  |  clear cache  |  private browsing mode
Would you like more information on safety planning as it relates to technology?
Please, ask our advocates, or browse some of the links below:
The National Domestic Violence Hotline - Tech & Social Media Safety
National Network to End Domestic VIolence - Technology Safety Plan
Oregon Judicial Department - Technology & Safety Planning
Cabarrus Victims Assistance Network - Safety planning around technology issues
Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria - Technology safety